Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Break

We had an at-home, inexpensive spring break.

It started last Saturday with the cookout at the park that I previously posted.

On Sunday morning Jasmine and I were in charge of one of the rooms of two-year-olds. There were 9 kids, usually there are 12 in this room. There is another room of 2's, and we've worked in it also.

2's are fun, and I love doing this with Jasmine.

Sunday evening we didn't have church, so Jasmine and I went to Insurgent.

Remember the picture below that we took last summer in Atlanta?
It was really cool to see this scene in the movie. So if you go see it, when you see them zipline across from the Peachtree Center in Atlanta, think of us.

The kids continued working on the pinata on Monday.

On Monday afternoon, Jasmine, Kaleb and I went to the new Cinderella movie. If you go between 4 & 5 you get a discounted rate, so that's when we try to go.

Many good themes with the overall one being Have Courage and Be Kind. Also a speech from Cinderella to the prince about wanting him to love her if he could accept her as a simple farm girl etc.

On Tuesday we ran/walked in the park and went bowling. I had free game passes so only had to pay for the shoes.

Wednesday night is $1 night at the skating rink. Normally Jasmine has hip hop on Wednesday nights. (She normally has  choir/Bible study on Monday nights) Jasmine was already out skating before I took pictures, and I didn't realize I didn't get any pictures of her.

Jessica joined us after work.

I've had these skates many years. Not even sure when I did get them.

Thursday they continued work on the pinata.

The plan was to get Subway and have a  picnic in a park downtown and then go to the library. But it started to pour, so we ate at Subway, but still went to the library.
 Friday we ended up canceling our plans due to behavior issues, but started reading The Christian Girl's Guide to the Bible during circle time. 

And we started making the nail cross necklaces from page 156 for Easter.

Today we all went to Strange Magic at the $2 theater. The review I read wasn't totally positive about it. It criticized it because the characters randomly break into song. But that is why we all ended up loving it!

We got popcorn and courtesy cups of water. Can you see how dinky the water cups are?
The characters burst into song a lot, and it was songs like Can't Help Falling in Love, I"ll Never Fall in Love Again, What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger, Sugar Pie Honey Bunch and other fun songs.

We started painting the pinata

And we finished the necklaces. Jasmine chose a small cross because she made a big one a few years ago.

I have photos of Tyler in KY that I'll post soon.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Last Easter Basket Ideas

Here are the last two Easter Basket ideas. 

The Christian Girl's Guide to Being Your Best
This was the first book in the Christian Girls Guide series.

It's like a guide to life that covers some important topics. Chapters are:
What is Being Your Best
Use Your Talents
Do Your Best
Stand Up for Yourself and for What's Right
Set Priorities
Walk with God
Cherish Your Family
Value Your Integrity
Be Compassionate
Be Content
Guard Your Tongue

It has a lot of fun quizzes including "Find Your Talent," "Do You Give in to Peer Pressure," "Are You Compassionate," and "Are You Content?" It has questions for journaling, Scripture verse puzzles, activities, stories, crafts and more. It's a book that should appeal to most girls ages 8-12 or so. It can be used individually, with a friend or in a small group setting.

I went through the house looking for crafts from this book but only found the prayer jar.
And I found a reader picture of the Thankfulness poster
The Christian Girl's Guide to Me: The Quiz Book
This is probably the most fun of the Christian Girl's Guides because it's full of quizzes that help girls learn more about themselves. 
There are 22 quizzes. Each quiz has a key verse, a story, a spiritual take away, and an activity, puzzle or craft with it. 

This book would definitely be a lot more fun done with a friend, Sunday school class or other group of girls. 
The quizzes are:
Are You for Real?
How Honest are You?
Are You a Good Test Taker?
How Much Do You Know about zzz's?
Are You a Mary or a Martha?
How are Your Manners?
What Kind of Smart are You?
Are You a Healthy Eater?
Are You a Follower or a Leader?
How Much Do You Know about the Bible?
What's Your Learning Style?
Are You Exercise Wise?
What Does Your Room Reveal about You?
How Do You Share Your Faith?
Are You a Good Listener?
Are You Crazy for Clothes?
How Content are You?
Does Your Life Point to God?
How do You Handle Peer Pressure?
Which Activities are Right for You?
Are You a Good Sport?
How Do You Serve God?

When I was writing this book, everyone pitched in to help create craft ideas. These are door hangers they each made for the zzz's quiz. (Page 41-42 in the book)

These church bags go with the Mary and Martha quiz. I think I used a bag idea in almost every book! The younger kids still carry their Bibles to church in the bags we made. (pages 49-50)

This snack sack goes with the Healthy Eater quiz. (pages 79-80) You can make it from a pair of jeans that are headed for the trash.

This cute pillow craft goes with the bedroom quiz (pages 119-120)

These note cards go with the How Content are You quiz and are for writing thank you notes.
(pages 149-150)

These pens and pen holders go with the serving God quiz. They would also make nice Mother's Day presents or end of the school year gifts for teachers. (pages 190-191)